How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

A vanity not only gives great look to the bathroom but also maximizes space by giving you cupboard space under the sink.  Do you want to switch from a stand alone sink to a vanity or want to replace your  worn out vanity? You do not have to call in  a professional for help if you have some time up your sleeves. The rest of the job is made easier by our step by step guide. We have laid down the entire process for you in an easy to follow manner, with the complete details of the work.

Things you need:

– Vanity
– Measuring tape
– Drill
– Crews
– Pencil
– Silicon caulk


  • 1


    Measure the area you have available to place the vanity. This will determine the size of vanity you will get from the hardware store. Take the height and width measurements.

    Get a vanity from the hardware store according to the measurements you took. The style is totally on you and the theme of the bathroom. Get anything that is both practical and stylish at the same time.

  • 2

    Water and drain lines:

    Now that you have bought your vanity, mark off a few things on its back. On the back make marks with a pencil of the exact location of water pipes, drainage pipe and wall studs.

    If your vanity does not have pre-drilled holes for drainage and water, cut them out yourself with a saw using the marks.

  • 3

    Wall studs:

    The wall studs connect your vanity with the wall and make it secure. Drill pilot holes with your drill for the studs on the back of the vanity. Use the screws that came with the vanity to secure it to the wall.

    If you vanity is not stable, introduce shims to level it off. However, do cover the shims with moldings to keep the attractiveness.

  • 4

    Installing the sink:

    Place the sink over the vanity and install the facets. You might need to caulk the space where the vanity meets the sink to  give a secure connection.

  • 5

    Water supply and drainage:

    Attach the water lines through the holes you cut out for them. Now connect the drain pipe to the bottom of the sink and to the floor drain.

  • 6

    Caulk the vanity:

    All done, run a layer of silicon caulk between the faucet and sink. This is to avoid any water leakage. Place another bead between the bottom of vanity and floor and the length of the vanity across the wall. This will make the vanity more secure. Let the caulk dry for twenty four hours before using the vanity.

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