How to Make a Hooded Towel Robe

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs of the world as it requires you to take even the smallest things into account. You have got to take many steps to make sure that your child is protected from the changing weathers and any kind of a danger posed by the outer world.

Giving your child a bath looks to be very simple; however, you have to be very careful and must make sure that you save the young one from cold. There is nothing like a hooded towel for kids after a bath, as it helps them keep the whole body warm, especially the head, which is most sensitive to cold.

If you do not want to spend money on buying a hooded towel for your child, do not worry because you can easily make it at home, even if you have a limited sewing know-how. Apart from using the hooded robe for your own kids, you can also use them as great birthday presents for others.


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    Things required

    In order to make a hooded towel, you need the following things:

    One large bath towel of any color.
    One hand towel of any color.
    Fabric for letters – It can be anything that you are comfortable with. Some use fleece and it does pill, but that is not a problem as it does not fray.
    Scissors, sewing machine and pins.
    Double bias tape and a ric-rac.

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    Cut the hand towel into half

    Cut the hand towel into half first, before laying the bath towel on the floor and placing one of the pieces (of the hand towel) on the bath towel. The cut side should be up so that sewn end of the one can be sewn to the bath towel. You do not need to fold it over the edge.

    Pin the cut piece to the bath towel and sew it. It is recommended to sew them on top of each other, instead of joining the sides together.

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    Make the hood

    By pairing the cut piece together, fold the hood together in half and sew it. It is not a problem even if the seams are apparent and fray a little after washing because this is the inside part, which will be covered by the head.

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    Add some extras

    Just to make it look more presentable, you may add a name or any shape to the back of the hooded towel.  Do not worry even if the appliqué comes out a little. You can cut out the shape/letters from the fabric and stitch them.

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