How to Use the Shower to Relieve Stress

Stress is a by product of today’s hectic lifestyle; life is busy and time constraints are common. Our monotonous routines allow for little interaction with others and even less time for indulging or pampering ourselves. A good shower however is one of the perfect ways of relieving stress.

Having worked hard all day, it is imperative for you to enjoy your evening, even if you just stay at home and spend time with your family or friends. However, for that to happen, you must be fresh and there is nothing like a good shower in such a scenario.

It looks to be quite a simple thing but by taking little things into account, you can make your shower very special, which can help you get fresh physically and mentally.


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    Organise yourself and have a nice drink before the shower

    Before you go into the shower, get yourself a nice drink, which can help you feel fresher. There is no substitute to a fresh juice, preferably orange or pineapple.

    Take out the clothes from the cupboard which you plan to wear after the shower. Have your towel and the robe ready. This exercise will help you avoid hassle after the shower. Have a soft and large sponge, lavender scrub, scented shower gel and baby oil with you in the bathroom.

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    Get into the shower

    Set the shower to warm and turn it on. Undress yourself, get into the shower and let the water fall on you as you close your eyes. Grab the baby oil and the sponge and gently rub it on your body. Clean your body thoroughly.

    Close your eyes for a while and just enjoy the feeling of water falling over your face and body. While the water is falling on your back, take deep breaths. This exercise will help you release stress and you will feel mentally fresh.

    In order to have a soothing, nice and calm aura around you, rub the lavender scrub all over your body.

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    Dry your body

    Once you are done cleaning yourself, get out of the shower and start drying your body, preferably with two towels, one for your body and one for hair.

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