How to Use a Coin Operated Shower

During long journeys or camping, you don’t have enough leverage to use someone’s shower to clean up the body. However, the only option left is to use the coin operated shower that works with the insertion of dollar coins. It is critical to understand that once you go inside the shower, you will not be able to come out to collect the accessories or do any other activity and your money will go in vain for a lost cause. Hence, in order to make sure that you don’t waste your savings of $5 or more, make sure you have everything you need.


  • 1

    Collect everything that will be required to shower. For example: shampoo, soap, hand wash, towel, new clothes and any other thing you need at your bathroom for taking a shower.

  • 2

    Check that you have enough coins that will enable you to take a bath without any problem. Double check the supply of coins and take some extra coins just for precautionary measures.

  • 3

    Make sure you have everything collected that is needed to take a shower. After doing that, take a step into the bathroom and make sure that you close the door behind you. Double check the lock on the door to make sure your privacy is not invaded anytime.

  • 4

    Put your new clothes that you will wear after taking a bath at a distance that is beyond the reach of the shower water. It will make sure that your clothes don’t get wet while you take a bath.

  • 5

    Put your accessories (soap, shampoo, conditioner etc) in the shower area.

  • 6

    Place all your coins close the acceptor. It will help you to make sure that you don’t have to browse for the coins while taking a bath.

  • 7

    Undress yourself with immense care and put the clothes away from the reach of the shower water. Put the coins into the acceptor to begin the water flow.

  • 8

    Turn on the tap and wet your hair. Put some shampoo in them and rinse in with utmost care and delicacy. Make sure the shampoo reaches the depth of your hair and cleans them thoroughly.

  • 9

    Use the soap to clean off the dirt from your body and make sure you put some extra effort to clean the hair part of the body that usually produces a stinky smell.

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