How to Get a Shower Done in 5 Minutes

People have extremely busy routines these days and time just seems to fly by. The revolution in the world of technology has made so many things available to us that we hardly get spare time. We watch the television, spending time online and we also have phones to keep us occupied. Given all this, it is no surprise that a majority of us sleep late and it gets so hard to wake up early next morning. As a result, we are often late to schools, colleges or workplaces.

Fortunately or unfortunately, showers are essential if you are going to go out; however, most of us end up spending about 20-30 minutes in the process at least. If we learn to get the shower done in five minutes, we can save some precious time, helping us reach our destinations faster.

Getting done with the shower in merely five minutes requires some sharpness. If you take small things into account, you can surely get it done in time.


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    Get your clothes ready before sleeping

    Before sleeping, you must have your clothes ready for the next day and hang them in the bathroom. This will save a lot of hassle in the morning and will help you consume lesser time in the shower. Apart from the clothes, you should also have your under-wears, socks and shoes ready before hitting bed.

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    Wake up early and get in the bathroom

    Do not forget to turn on the alarm before falling asleep. If you do not like alarm then ask anyone in the family to wake you up on time. Once you wake up and go to the bathroom, turn on the shower on hot, while you brush your teeth. Once you undress yourself and go into the shower and it is still not hot then flush the toilet or turn on the water in the sink. Turn it off when the shower gets hot.

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    Start the shower

    Get into the shower and let your hair get completely wet before you shampoo them quickly. Keep in mind that you do not have time to wait after rubbing shampoo in your hair. Having washed your hair, quickly clean your body with soap. If you want to put conditioner on your hair, then apply soap on your body while having the conditioner on your hair as you do not have enough time. You can rinse it off later.

    The whole process is surely going to help you get done with shower within five minutes.

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