How to Take an Internal Bath

Sometimes you are alone and have a lot of time at your hand. It is important to keep yourself busy so that you don’t deviate from the right path. Hence, you can utilize this time to take an internal bath and wipe off all the dirt from your soul and expel the toxic matter from colon which will in turn keep you working with a right frame of mind.


  • 1

    Take one teaspoon of sea salt and one teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve them in warm water. Water should be at most 4 cups in this recipe. You can increase the quantity proportionally at your will. It is one recipe that you can use to put into your enema bag. However, there are multiple treatments that can be used in this matter.

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    You can also chose a herbal mixture that is created by one table spoon of liquid chlorophyll mixed with the same number of cups mentioned in step 1. Another option is to mix 1/3 cup of liquid bentonite in the warm water equal to 4 cups. There are also coffee and cider cleansers, aloe vera cleanser, and a whole array of others.

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    Buy the enema bag from the medical store or you can also buy that online. The package will also contain the directions on the usage of the bag. Follow each instruction carefully to escape any damage.

  • 4

    Tell your mind that it has to relax during the whole procedure because if you are doing it with no thought behind it, it is useless. Breathe slowly and make yourself at ease.

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    Take the enema bag and fill it with the solution you made in the step 1. However, you have to make sure that the solution is warm but not too hot at the same time. Let the water flow in the tub through the sink at the start because that will help you get rid of air-bubbles in your tube.

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    Place the bag at the doorknob or any place where you can hang it. However, don’t hang it too high because it may cause a lot of pressure and might make it uncomfortable for you which will destroy the whole purpose of this.

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    Sit with your knees against your chest. Insert the tube in rectum until some resistance is felt. Massage your colon with a rubber ball.

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