How to Avoid White Coat Syndrome

If your blood pressure gets really high on the very thought of paying a visit to the doctor’s office and getting your blood pressure measured, you are suffering from what is commonly referred to as white coat syndrome. A significant percentage of people across the globe suffer from the same thing, i.e. find their blood pressure surging when getting their blood pressure tested by a doctor, nurse or even their assistant.

There are plenty of ways to avoid white coat syndrome, with all of them focusing on the same thing, lowering your blood pressure.


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    If you are suffering from high blood pressure, take the necessary steps to lower it. If you are over-weight, cut down on the amount of food you consume each day. Exercising is also a great way to lower blood pressure, while at the same time shed off extra pounds. Stress contributes to high blood pressure as well, which is why you should try to relax. Meditation is a great way to attain calmness and serenity. If you smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs, quit all these things. Make sure you regularly take your medications, which have of course been prescribed to you by your doctor.

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    Having less water in your system will lower blood pressure. Therefore, reduce your water intake from the night before you have an appointment with your doctor. However, do not stay thirsty for too long, as you might end up getting dehydrated. Get to the doctor as soon as possible the next day, so that you can break your water fast.

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    While driving to the doctor, play your favourite songs in the car to make yourself feel relaxed. Listening to music is a great way to feel calm and distract yourself from the stress and tensions in your life.

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    After you have reached the doctor’s office, do not rush to his office. Instead, walk slowly. Any kind of vigorous activity, including walking fast, causes the heart to beat faster, thus increasing the blood pressure.

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    While waiting for the doctor to call you in, make yourself feel calm by smiling, closing your eyes and thinking happy thoughts.

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    Once the doctor takes your blood pressure reading and finds it to be normal, pat yourself on your back for successfully avoiding the high blood pressure lecture and avoiding the white coat syndrome on this particular visit.

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