How to Bake Ears of Corn in the Oven

Corn makes our soups richer and our salad tastier. Baked corn is favorite among kids and adults. This method of having corn on the cob uses no soaking. The flavor is enhanced and is much stronger than that in boiling. You can also use any favorite seasoning of yours like garlic to customize the recipe. A good treat for the buds that gets ready in less than an hour and is surely nutritious, packed with starch. Our step by step guide has the recipe for baking corn in the oven the right way.

Preparation time: 45 minutes (includes 30 minutes bake time)
Serving size: One corn per person, depending on the capacity of your oven.
Utensils required: Sharp knife,Pastry brush, Twine,Baking pan

–       Corn on the cob
–       Butter
–       Seasoning of your choice (optional).


  • 1

    You have to carefully select the corn you want to bake. It should be harvested right when it is ripe. The corn that you get should be fresh because corn loses its flavor if they are stored. So try to get fresh corn.

  • 2

    Place your oven on pre-eat of 375 degrees so that it is warm when you get to bake.

  • 3

    Now peel the husk from the corn from the top. However, do not peel it off totally. Leave it intact at the bottom. The corn will bake on its husk in the oven. Remove the silk of the cob with a knife. If you noticed any damaged kernels, remove them too using the knife. Now rinse the corn under sink water to clean off any contaminants. Once done, dry the corn with a clean lint free dish cloth. You obviously do not want lint in the corn you eat.

  • 4

    Now brush over butter over the corn. Cover all parts. Do the same for all the cobs so that each is ready for baking together. At this point, you can season the corns according to your taste.

  • 5

    Cover the kernels with the husk. You can use a twine to make the husk stay in place. Place the corn in the middle rack of the oven, resting on its own husk. Bake for thirty minutes. The kernels should be tender by then. Take off the corns and serve to the delight of every lucky one around you.

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