How to Be a Bartender on a Cruise Ship

Bartending is a lot different from other kinds of jobs because of several reasons. However, still a huge amount of people are getting into bartending mostly because of the fact that there are a lot of jobs available in that sector. However, bartending on a cruise is slightly different from normal bartending in more than one ways.

The most obvious reason is that unlike bartenders of local bars, cruise bartenders live a very different kind of life. They have to stay on board for months and they share small quarters with other employees on the ship. But despite all that, to become a bartender on a cruise ship is a big deal and it has its advantages as well. You can travel a lot of place without paying for the tickets and you get to see the places you had only dreamt of.


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    The first and most important point to become a bartender on a cruise is to get your bartending certificate. But this is not enough. You need to start working in a local bar near your place to earn valuable experience because let’s face it; a cruise wouldn't want to hire a bartender with no experience. There are various institutes offering short bartending courses as well as several online courses.

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    Research is very important in any kind of job hunting and it is more important when it comes to bartending on a cruise. You need to do a lot research on different cruise companies. And before you apply somewhere, make sure that you are applying at the company which is more suitable for you. Of course you would like to be in a cruise which travels through your favourite areas and you wouldn’t want to sign up for a cruise which is going to Alaska region but you want to move to Caribbean region.

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    Pick the best cruise company who has a good reputation around. You want to be a part of a company which is well respected by tourists as it will allow you to meet a lot of new people while on board.

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    Stay in touch with what’s happening around you. Read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis to keep a check on the available jobs regarding bartending on a cruise. Often cruises do not advertise on local news paper so you need to read particular magazines which are about sailing and shipping to get to know about the available jobs.

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