How to Prevent Cruise Ship Weight Gain

If you are already over weight, going for a vacation on a cruise ship may not be the best idea for you. The rich food served on board on a cruise ship can be very appealing and you tend to eat more than routine. However, it is very simple to prevent gaining weight during travelling on a cruise ship if you plan ahead of time.


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    Try to control your diet before you start the cruise ship journey. At least a few weeks before the planned departure date, you should start monitoring your daily calorie intake and try to cut it down with each passing day. This way, you will be able to control your appetite on the cruise ship even if there are buffets and snacks all around.

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    Meals should be chosen carefully when on board a cruise ship. During buffets, you can eat as much as you like from the served menu but that will be not a good idea if weight gain is one of your concerns. Prefer low-calorie food and avoid eating meat and cheese products frequently.

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    People tend to drink too much alcoholic beverages, juice and sweetened tea to enjoy their vacation on a cruise ship. Excessive use of these drinks will inevitably result in weight gain. If you want to prevent it, preferring water over wine, club soda over regular soda and sugar free tea over sweetened tea can be a wise idea. If you do not have the will to altogether avoid weight gaining beverages, try to limit their consumption.

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    Regular exercise can be the best way to avoid weight gain on a cruise ship. Most cruises have gyms and exercise classes. During your days on a cruise ship, you must make it a routine to spend at least one hour exercising in the gym.

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    If you know how to swim, a cruise ship swimming pool is the best way to burn excess calories and to keep your body in good shape. Swimming is a great physical activity and is very useful to avoid weight gain.

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    Avoid getting lazy or over relaxed. Although you are on a vacation and would like to ease off the burdens on your mind, still it is important to stay active. Do not sleep too much and go for a walk on the dock every day if possible.

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