How to Take Pictures on a Cruise

If you have an appetite for photography, taking pictures on a cruise can be a sublime experience. However, taking pictures on a cruise is in many ways different from taking pictures on land. You may take hundreds of pictures but all of them may be blurred or badly framed just because you did not know the proper way to take pictures on a cruise.


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    Getting an appropriate digital camera is the first step. Remember that you will be taking photos on a cruise. For this reason, the camera you take along with you must not be look bulky. If you do not already have a digital camera, purchase one from the market. While travelling, you do not want to run out of batteries. Make sure you have an appropriate number of spare batteries in your bag. If it is a long journey, taking spare memory cards is advised. Although you can buy these things at tourist destinations but you will have to pay a price lot higher than the normal price.

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    Most cruise lines have photographers on their payroll. If you are not sure which pictures to take, keep an eye out for a cruise-ship photographer. Take the same photos as a cruise-ship photographer is taking.

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    When taking pictures of fellow travellers, zoom in on their smiling faces and leave out the unnecessary background details. Expressions of people remind you of what a great time you had on the cruise.

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    Shadows can ruin the most beautiful of pictures. There is abundant lighting on a cruise. More light means more shadows. Set your camera to flash each time you take a picture to ensure enough light directly focused on the object or person in front of your camera.

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    If you are taking photo of a person standing in front of a huge object, take it from a distance. If you get too close, all you will be able to see in the viewfinder will be the person and a portion of the object.

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    Taking pictures of the cruise itself is very important although most people forget it. Photograph artistic woodwork in the cruise, your cabin, the dining area and of course the bar. Remember to take photographs of food and beverages served.

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