How to Park a Boat in a Slip

Most of the boaters prefer parking their boat in boat slips, as they are less expensive as compared to other parking options. However, these narrow parking spaces require certain level of skill that normally people lack.

Nonetheless, one can comfortably attain the skill level of parking their boat in the narrow parking space.


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    Always approach the marina in an extremely low speed. The ideal speed of your boat should be just above the idle level, as it will give you more control over your boat. When you are only 100 feet away from the boat slip, cut down your engine to neutral, and sail the rest of the way on the slow momentum that you built up on your way approaching the boat slip.

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    Turn the wheel hard towards the space when you near the boat slip. Remember, the boat will react a lot slower than it normally does in faster speed, so adjust accordingly. The front end of your boat should be facing the back of the boat slip. Keep your hand on the throttle to make last minute adjustments if you are not moving perfectly. Once your boat has made a perfect turn, the back end of the boat will slide around into the space, making it parallel to the boat slip posts.

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    If you have not made the perfect turn then use the throttle and steering to perfect your slide. Only a slight touch on the steering stick or wheel will be needed, while a forward burst will slide your boat further. If you have still not made the boat parallel to the slip posts then make a reverse burst with the steering in the opposite direction of the boat slip. It will straighten up your boat.

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    Wait for the boat to drift into the boat slip slowly. If you can grab the boat slips posts, then grab them and slide the boat manually by pushing or pulling, only a little bit of effort will required to do the job. Stop the boat before you hit the wall.

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    Once the boat is at halt, toss a rope around the boat slip post, and fasten it. Perform the action at both ends of your boat.

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