How to Bring Alcohol on a Cruise Ship

In most cases, cruise lines will not allow you to bring your own alcohol on a cruise ship. You are required to pay for alcoholic drinks. If you do not intend to bear this cost, there are several possible ways you can employ to bring alcohol on board a cruise ship.


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    Regulations pertaining to bringing your alcohol on a cruise ship are different for each cruise line. For instance, Princess Cruises, a famous cruise line allows each traveller to bring along one bottle of wine or champagne whereas Holland America, another cruise line, has to no restriction on the number of alcoholic beverage bottles a traveller can bring. Others do not allow even a single alcohol bottle to be brought on board. Contact your cruise line and ask them about their regulations and also ask the cruise line officials about consequences of trying to smuggle booze on a cruise ship.

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    Cruise line officials may overlook a couple of bottles of whisky but they will not overlook a full case of whisky. So, the idea to bring the right amount of alcohol depending on the duration of your journey. This way, even if you get caught and the bottles of alcohol are confiscated, it will be easier for you to work your way out of the situation.

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    Put the alcohol bottles beneath your clothes in bags you will be checking in at the cruise terminal. With the bottles beneath the clothes, you will have a better chance of getting away with it if a cruise line official decides to open the bags for checking.

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    When buying alcohol bottles for taking on the cruise ship, prefer alcohol bottles those look similar to non-alcoholic bottles. Mix the alcohol bottles with non-alcoholic beverage bottles. It will be very difficult to distinguish between them at first look.

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    The best way to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship is to transfer it bottles meant for non-alcoholic beverages. Use can use soda bottles for instance. However, most screw lids will leak if repacked. To overcome this problem, you can use bottles with plastic caps instead of screw lids. Make sure you firmly tighten the plastic caps before hiding the bottles in your luggage.

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