How to Stay Safe on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship journeys are becoming more popular with the passage of time. According to statistics, over 10 million American citizens travel on a cruise ship at least once a year. Generally, most cruise ships are safe to make a sea journey. But since you never know, you must follow a few basic guidelines to stay safe on a cruise ship.


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    At the start of your journey, you will be given a safety briefing. In most cases, it is before a cruise ship sets on its voyage. You will get detailed instructions about necessary safety precautions you must follow when on board the cruise ship. Carefully listen to these instructions and do well to remember them for your own good.

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    Staying healthy is very important when at sea. If you eat too much in daily life routine, try and control this habit for the duration of your journey. Take multivitamins during the trip as a multivitamin regimen is helpful in preventing illness.

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    If you make frequent trips to the deck, make sure you wear shoes with rubber soles. Women must not wear high heels. Walking barefoot is nothing short of a blunder so avoid it.

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    If possible, leave valuable items such as jewellery, expensive watches and expensive cell phones at home. If you are wearing too much jewellery or a very expensive watch, you are enticing burglars to rob you of your belongings. However, it may be necessary for you to take along such valuable items especially if you plan on attending a marriage ceremony or a social event at your destination. In this case, instead of keeping the valuable items in your cabin’s small safe, contact the administration desk and ask for instruction on how to use the ship’s central safe.

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    Do not carry too much cash with you. You will not need it while you are on board anyways unless you plan to do lots of gambling.

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    You are more susceptible to violent crimes such as theft or sexual assault if you are travelling alone. If possible, travel in groups of at least two people. Take along a trusted friend or a family member if it feasible for you.

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    Avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages. You may over-intoxicate yourself which is not only bad for your health but can also make you an obvious target to crimes. However, if cannot manage it, the best place to take multiple drinks in one go is your cabin.

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