How to Send Gifts to a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Cruise ships have a lot of attractions that one cannot ignore. Big cruise companies have made travel through cruises so much attractive that one cannot stop but think about travelling through those cruise lines once in their life. Cruise companies like Carnival cruise line and Royal Caribbean cruise line are the best in the business and apart from all their amazing offers, one can also send gifts to any person on the board directly to their room or cabin.

No matter what the occasion and time of the year it is, you can send the gift to the person you want. But you need to keep this in mind that there is only a selected list of items that you can gift. Although even that selected list is very detailed, one cannot expect to select an item which is not available on the cruise.

You can choose gifs like stateroom, edible treats, decoration material and other such stuff. But whatever you do, you need to order well in advance to avoid getting left out. Because Royal Caribbean cruise ships are one of the most travelled cruise lines in the region and you need to book your order well advance to make it in time.


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    The first thing you need to do is to find the official website of the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Once you have found the correct website, you will see a list of different things you can avail on the cruise line in question. Scroll to the right of the site and you will see a section titled as gift section. Click it and you will enter a whole new section.

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    Once you are in the gift section, you will see different categories regarding the type of gifts you are looking for. Scroll to the type you think would most suits your mood and the receiving person will like, click it. Once it is clicked, a new section will open showing a massive amount of gifts items that can be purchased and delivered within the Royal Caribbean cruise line ships.

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    There will be several phone numbers given at the end of the page. You need to call those phone numbers to order your book. Royal Caribbean cruise lines do not offer the option of online order and you need to place a call to book you order.

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    Take a detailed look on the available gifts and view different available images of the gifts to make up your mind. Once you are confident that you want particular item, note the id of the gift and call on the given number.

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