How to Pick the Best Room on a Cruise Ship

Planning a cruise vacation is not as easy as it looks. Apart from the basic factors, there are several decisions that one has to take before making a final call. Arguably the most difficult one of all is to pick the best cabin on a cruise which is most suitable to your mood and style.

Choosing the best room or a cabin on a cruise involves considerable thinking and you need to keep certain elements in mind. Cruise brochures and online websites of these cruises can tell you a lot of things you need to know in this regard but still there are several things that people usually miss while booking a room on a cruise.


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    Personal choice

    The most important thing that must be kept in mind is that picking a cabin is completely your personal decision. You can point many elements while doing so but at the end of the day, it is your decision and cruise companies have separately categorise different types of rooms available on the ship.

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    Travel companions

    Before picking the best room, you need to keep this in mind that whether you are travelling alone or with family. If you are travelling with your family, you need a bigger room and thus you will be placed on a deck where other families are residing. That means that you will be hearing a lot of noises outside your room. However, if you are travelling alone or with friends, a room for four on one of the upper decks would be a better idea.

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    Noise factor

    If your room is near to the engine area, you might hear a lot of noises of the crew members. So it is advised that get a room as far away as possible.

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    Cabins are categorized according to their prices. The better the room, more the prise is. So it depends on the money you are planning to spend on your room.

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    The best thing about travelling via a cruise is the view you will be seeing. So everyone wants to get a room which offers the best view from the windows.

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    Not all rooms on the cruise have balconies but most of them have that luxury. In order to get the best cabin, get the room with the best balconies on the deck.

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    Rooms are much more than the bed and the closets. Take a detailed look on the wash-rooms of the cabins before booking it because wash-rooms can tell a lot about the cabin.

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