How to Become a Supplier for Carnival Cruise Lines

A luxury cruise liner completely filled with holidaying travellers puts down anchor in a far away island. Sunbathers come on the deck, young children enjoy themselves around the nearby pools and a few tourists who are sea sick go to the shore to swim near a snorkel at the beach or shop. All the guests are having the time of their life.

On the other hand, you are panicking as you have to follow the schedule to re-provision the Carnival cruise ship with much wanted supplies. There is even more pressure as you only have six hours to deliver the goods. This is what the life of a supplier is. This business is for strong people and you need discipline and dedication to survive here. However, this piece can help you think if this is the sort of business you can cope with or not.


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    Analyse things carefully

    You need to ask yourself some vital questions before you start anything. You have to know if you supply something that you have a monopoly in, and the Carnival cruise lines cannot get it anywhere else. Moreover, if the quality and prices of your supplies are superior than that of their current suppliers, provisioning agreement or long-standing deal. Also whether you have the legal and customs clearances to supply your products to the cruise.

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    Planning and strategy

    Know the seriousness of the role of a Carnival cruise lines supplier need to meet when you get a contract. You will have to supply goods to not only a single ship but a whole fleet with docking rights all over the globe. As a result, you should already designate a good transportation system to provide supplies to all boats in time and also possess warehouses in various areas.

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    Contact the management

    Get in touch with the vice president of global supply chain and manager of technical purchasing for Carnival cruise lines. You will need to give a presentation to these heads overseeing this side of the business irrespective of whether your goods consist of carpet, desk chairs, bedding, food preparation items or plumbing fixtures.

    You will be allocated to a buyer that will handle the tasks for assessing and maintaining checks on total life cycle costs for the product you will be supplying. You should be ready to work within the framework of Carnival cruise lines’ five-year or more strategic plan and wait to land the contract.

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