How to Save Money on a Cruise

If you are looking forward to going out on a nice cruise and your budget is low, then you have come to the right place. Learn how to save money on a cruise so you can go on that dream vacation without going broke. The cost for a cruise can vary, depending on both the duration and location. If you want to get the best value when taking a cruise then try these money saving tips.


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    When booking your cruise, you can ask if there are any discounts available. Most travel and cruise agents receive information on all upcoming discounts and special offers. So, you can ask your agent to provide you with such information. At the same time, if you are a serving military personnel, fire fighter or a police official, then you should know that most cruise companies offer special discounts to them.

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    After you book your cruise, do not forget to check the ticket price before boarding. If you find any decrease in the price, you can ask for a refund of the difference, or you may be provided with some on-board credit.

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    Make sure you know everything that is included in your cruise ticket. Usually, the price of a cruise includes a room, food, port charges and some activities to enjoy. So, if you are low on budget, then you should avoid eating out in the restaurants that charge extra.

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    Understanding the tipping process is also important when you are on the cruise. Most of the cruise companies add the tip price to your daily bill and the amount varies for different cruises. You can elect to lower this tip, but you will be asked why. You should also know that an automatic gratuity is added to any alcoholic drink.

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    Book your excursions through a private company to save money. Limit the time you spend in the casino. Try to enjoy the games, contests, tea time and other entertaining shows that are free for the passengers. You will find many different free activities on board that you can definitely enjoy.

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    You'll be given a plastic card that acts as your room key, ID and credit card aboard the ship. You must pay for the purchases at the end of your voyage. Check your account balance on your cabin's TV each night to make sure you stay on budget.

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