How to Sell a Sailboat

Are you thinking of selling your sailboat but are wondering where to start and who to contact to get a good price? If so, you should know that selling a sailboat is not like unloading your second-hand computer or laptop online. Selling a sailboat takes more than just putting the item/product on display and waiting for potential buyers. You have to take into account several things like finding good boat brokers, dealers, experienced boat users (who might give your boat a critical look before making a final decision) and of course a boat survey, if necessary.


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    Make your boat saleable first

    Here are a couple of things you should do to make your boat saleable as a boat full of mess, faulty engine, damages, will not help you seal the deal.

    - Scour the boat

    Your boat should look clean and shiny so the customers who come to look at it will not be driven away. Clean the entire boat, making sure there is not a spot of dirt on it. Cleaning will take more than just rubbing the surface with bleach as you need to scour the shore-power chord, lockers, cabinets, upholstery, sole and bilge. Also, make sure you change the engine oil before putting the boat on display as this one of the most important factors that most buyers take into account when checking the product. Simply put, if you can make your boat look shiny new without spending much money, you can seal the deal easily and quickly.

    - Remove clutter

    Your boat definitely has a lot of your personal stuff on it. Remove all the personal stuff before you put the boat on display.

    - Fix mechanical issues

    Fix mechanical issues (if there are any). Have an expert give your boat the once-over before you decide every part of it is okay. Check lights, handrails and the engine to see if they require repairs.

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    Advertise the boat in newspapers and boat magazines

    Once you are convinced that the boat looks perfect for sale, you can think about advertising. There are several ways you can advertise your boat. Use the print media such as newspapers and magazines. Buy ads in every prominent daily paper in your area. Moreover, advertise in boat magazines.

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    Use online platform

    Advertise your boat on various online classifieds and platforms that facilitate sellers and buyers (for example OLX and Craiglist). Join different boat forums and get in touch with people.

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    Get in touch with boat brokers and dealers

    If your boat is expensive and big, you will probably need to get the services of a boat broker or dealer. A broker can do the survey and sea trial in exchange for a commission.

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