How to Control Your Speed While Sailing

A sailboat’s engine is known as sails. Essentially, sails provide power which moves the boat on the water surface. Studies have shown that most sailboats do not have more than two sails. The smaller sail on the sailboat is called the jib whereas the bigger sail is known as the mainsail. If you are looking to find a way to control your speed while sailing, you will be glad to know that the steps involved are extremely easy. It is recommended to follow the suggested tips and instructions to maintain a controllable speed when sailing.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have what it takes to successfully sail a boat. Sailing requires you have certain skills and abilities and therefore it is advised to get the required training before steering a sailboat.

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    Firstly, consider finding the cable that is designed to control the mainsail. This cable is usually found at the back of the boat. On some boats, you may find this cable at the front. If you are unable to locate this cable, contact the sailboat manufacturer for details information. Remember that this cable is the main sheet and you will not be able to control the speed without using it.

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    Next, grab the main sheet firmly with one hand. Take your time when performing this task. Once you have grasped the cable, you should not let it go. Now consider releasing the pressure on the main sheet. Ask your coworker to help you perform this task, if possible. Remember that the cable must be released very slowly to avoid losing control.

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    Since cam cleat is the clamp holding the main sheet, you must pull the main sheet up out of the cam cleat. Again, this task should also be performed with extreme care. Now it is the time to adjust the tension of the cable or the main sheet. Ask a coworker to help you get this job done if you are finding it too difficult. Make sure there is some slack to loosen the mainsail. To maintain or adjust the speed of the sailboat, consider pulling the main sheet tighter. This will also tighten the mainsail or the bigger sail on the boat.

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    Hold the line manually in order to keep the tension steady in the cable. Use cam cleats to cleat off, if possible.

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