How to Build a Cruise Ship Float

Participating in a parade or any other event with a cruise ship float is a great fun, but building the ship float requires planning, a lot more efforts and a teamwork. The task is nevertheless impossible to accomplish. Just be sure you are aware of rules for participation in the local parade and measurement required for each float. It will be a waste of your effort if you end up building a larger cruise ship float than it is accepted in the parade.

After you are aware of the rules for participation in the parade, plan out a strategy with your team how you are going to approach the entire project, what sort of material you will need and where you can buy all equipment, and also how quickly you finish your work.

You should also prepare a rough sketch of the project, to know all details of it, which will be helpful to build the project step by step. This will also help you to visualize how the cruise ship float will look like when built. So it is better to start the project with a clear strategy from start till the end.


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    Consider Rules of Participation in Parade

    First thing, you should be aware of all details about how you can participate in your local parade with a cruise ship float. This includes fees, rules and a rough measurement of cruise ship float that will be allowed on the day.

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    Chalk Out Plan

    Gather your team and prepare a plan for building the project. This includes a rough sketch of the ship, details about material needed and may be assigning of different duties to each member of the team.

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    Start With Building Platform

    Since your ship float is not going to float on a water in literal sense, you will need a flatbed trailer to build the ship float on. Start with building a wooden platform on the trailer. Although actual measurement of the trailer is going to be determined by you, when you start building the platform, leave it one foot high, and one foot distance from front and backside. It is also called lido deck, the deck on which other decks are going to be built.

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    Second and Third Decks

    Once your lido deck is ready, build second deck. Keep the second deck in level with lido deck at back of the trailer, take in front side of the second deck by about three feet from lido deck. Also, at least two feet on both sides of the lido deck while building the second deck. Similarly, build third deck. Again, keep the back side of the deck in level with lido and second deck, take two feet in from the front and at least take in one feet each from both sides from the second deck.

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    Fence and Painting of Windows

    Once your three decks are ready, paint shapes of windows on both sides of the second and third decks. Put a metal or wood fence on front of lido and then paint it. Also, cover lower part of the trailer with a crepe paper reflecting water, dolphins and other pictures that reflect the ship is in water.

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    Paint Name of Ship and Slogans

    After you are done with painting of windows and with other work, paint name of the ship. Also, you can write some slogans i.e. 'Cruising to Victory' etc. This takes you to completion of the project and you are ready to take your float in the parade.

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