How to Get a Retail Job on a Cruise Ship

Retail jobs on a cruise ship are not easy to get because the competition is very high. In some cases, you may not even get an interview call from a hiring manager. But with a well written job letter, resume and a bit of luck, you may get the job of your dreams.


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    Before you apply for retail job on a cruise ship, make sure you have a valid passport. If you do not have one, apply and obtain it as soon as possible. You may have to wait about six weeks until you get you passport so apply ahead of time. You need a passport because a cruise ship voyage may take you across borders, in which case you will be required to present your passport at a port before you are allowed entry.

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    Write a cover letter. It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. The first thing a hiring manager is going to read will be the cover letter with your job application so make sure that the cover letter you write is enthusiastic. Remember to add a few lines about how well you will provide services to cruise ship travellers and also mention how much you love travelling at sea.

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    An updated resume is the second important thing in a job letter. If you can speak more than one language, it is a great factor so make sure you highlight it in your resume. Mention any previous retail experience you may have and the places you have been to in your life. Writing too long a resume will do no good so be precise.

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    Now you need to find a retail job opening on a cruise ship. Browsing the internet is your best shot at finding the desired job opening. Visit web pages of major cruise lines and go through the ‘careers’ section on each website.

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    Find at least two or three retail job openings on a cruise ship. Send job applications to all these cruise lines requesting to be interviewed for the opening.  You may have to pay a small application processing fee in order to qualify for an interview.

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    Wait for an interview call. On the day of the interview, be as flexible as possible. Make the hiring manager aware that you can travel with the ship for as long a period of time as the job demands. Avoid demonstrating strong home life ties. It is something which may be considered unsuitable for a cruise ship job because you may have to stay away from home for days, week and at times even months.

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