How to Survive a Shipwreck

At some point of life, you might journey on a boat, ship, ferry or go on an ocean liner cruise. There is always the possibility that something bad might happen and you find yourself shipwrecked.

There are many things that you can do to survive a shipwreck. Always remember to stay calm and use your skills to help get yourself out of this mess. If you want to survive a shipwreck then stay focused and keep these important guidelines in mind until help arrives.

Things Required:

– Life raft
– Desalinator
– Survival Suit


  • 1

    Do not lose hope

    You are required not to lose hope or get depressed and give up. You can start praying to God to save you from this disaster. Besides this, you can be grateful to God that you are alive and have survived this accident. It is advisable for you to keep the right attitude in order to get through this trouble.

  • 2

    Guard yourself against hypothermia

    Keep in mind that you quickly lose body temperature in the water. Thus, you need to protect yourself from hypothermia. Even a case of mild hypothermia causes shivering and goose bumps whereas a severe case can lead to violent shivering. In order to prevent hypothermia, you need warm yourself up and if possible get out of the water quickly. You can also wear a survival suit. If you get out of the water, you need to dry your clothes as quickly as possible.

  • 3

    Do not get dehydrated

    Humans can survive for three days without water. However, it might vary according to conditions. It is strongly recommended to have a desalinator on board when you are packing your own life raft. You can get a Sea Pack which filters around 97 percent of salt by using osmosis water filtration. Keep in mind that the filter’s life is about ten days and it gives a gallon of fresh water on a daily basis. The cost of this device is just $99 and it has an added feature of charging the water with sugar in order to provide necessary calories. You can also buy a Watermaker which costs around $2400 but produces water for several days.

  • 4

    Avoid drinking sea water

    It is recommended to avoid drinking sea water as the salt can dehydrate you more. Besides this, it can harm your kidneys. However, if you drink a tiny amount combined with some fish for protein and plankton for Vitamin C you can survive at sea for several weeks.

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