How to Become a Chef on a Cruise Ship

Becoming a chef on a cruise ship is a difficult thing as it requires all sorts of training, planning and specialisation in the respective field. It is also important as what your objective in life and how you want to move forward in the future as a professional chef. There is slight difference between a chef who works normally in hotel or restaurant or cooking on a cruise. The travelling will be a lot but there are also incentives you can avail. That is why cruise ship chef earns more than a chef who only works in-house. However, becoming a cruise ship chef is certainly a hard thing to do as your dedication to this profession will be tested.


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    Know your interest

    This is important that you should know about your interest and in which field you want to go. By knowing and getting to understand your interest, you can perform better in the specific field. There are many career counsellors who are doing well in their respective areas of expertise as you can also contact them and try to receive their guidance in choosing any field in which you want to excel.

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    Get admission in a culinary college

    After determining that you have a great interest in going into cooking, you will probably need to get admission in a culinary college or school. This will give you an early grip of whatever you are going to do in your life. There are many culinary colleges and schools which offer various types of education plans for students who are interested to become professional chefs. They have multiple courses starting from beginners to expert but as a new student, most people start from junior level.

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    Complete the course

    Getting admission in a culinary school is one thing but completing the course is also important. Many students do not complete their culinary education and end up doing nothing with their skill. So to avoid this from happening, you should complete the cooking course and try to enter the job market.

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    Send your resume to cruise lines

    Getting a job in a hotel or in a restaurant also takes time but your goal is to work with some of the big cruise line companies. This is very important as you should send your resume to major cruise lines and if they like your qualification, they will certainly call you for an interview.

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