How to Order Flowers for a Cruise Ship

To surprise someone special for you who is due to celebrate a special occasion on the voyage on a cruise line, you can order a vase or bouquet of fresh flowers. Almost all cruise lines have such services available on the ship and they can deliver you flowers on a particular day at your cabin on the ship. It is still recommended that you check for the flower arrangements before the cruise leaveS the port, because if there is some problem in the process of getting flowers delivered on that day you are thinking to order for, you can think of your options in advance.

You can find a service of flowers delivery to your cabin on a particular day online, through a helpline or in person. It is better to check with the cruise staff about the location of the flower shop on the cruise line and ask about the details how you can get flowers delivered to your cabin.

It is generally possible that you just book a vase of flowers online and make a payment through credit, or you can book flowers through the helpline or sales line and make the payment through credit card. Whatever an option you go for, make sure the flowers are delivered at doorsteps of your cabin on the day you want to get them delivered.

You will have to give the address or location of the cabin if you want to get the flowers delivered to it, if the person you want to surprise is in a different cabin. Also, in such case you select the message that you want to be delivered with the flowers.


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    Order Online

    One way is to order the flowers online. You can look for the company website, browse through the flowers delivery sections, book a vase or a bouquet of flowers and make the payment through a debit or credit card. You should know the address of the website.

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    Through Toll-Free Number

    You can also order flowers through a toll-free number. You can find this number on the cruise's website. Just book the flowers for the date you want them to be delivered, select the message that you want to be delivered with the flowers and pay through your credit card.

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    Book Over the Phone

    You can also book flowers on the phone and pay through a credit or a debit card. Again, do not forget to give date and time of flowers delivery and also the message you want to get delivered with flowers.

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