How to Rewire Boat Trailer Lights

Boat trailer lights often malfunction while they are attached with the boat. One must check them every time the trailer is made ready to be towed with the boat. In addition, salt water also often makes the boat trailer lights malfunction. Although most of the trailer lights are designed in such a manner that they are completely air tight, they still sometimes get infiltrated with the harshness of sea water.

If your boat trailer lights have been malfunctioned, one must rewire all the attached wires to bring the lights back to working condition. The most common configuration of the boat trailer lights is the ‘4 way system’. It is called ‘4 way system’ due to the fact that only four wires are required to make the boat trailer lights operating.

Things Required:

– Circuit tester
– Wire cutters
– Wire stripper
– Self-tapping screw
– Electrical tape
– 4 way system connector
– Trailer lights kit
– Light assemblies


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    Rewiring the boat trailer lights is not a difficult job, and one can do it comfortably all by him/herself. However, one must first determine the cause of the problem by inspecting all the wires and connectors. One should use a circuit tester that has a voltmeter to determine the connectors and wires. It will confirm whether all the wires are providing power or not.

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    Once you have determined all the wires and connectors, start inspecting whether the white wire is securely attached to the metal frame, which is often the serving ground for the lighting system of the boat trailer. Inspect the conductivity between the trailer’s connectors and the metal frame. Make sure that the white wire is attached to the frame securely, and corrosion free.

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    After determining that all the connectors and wirings are perfectly operating, one should inspect whether the light assemblies are in working condition or not. If the light assemblies are not in a working condition, then purchase the light assemblies that are perfectly matched with your boat trailer.

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    Remove the old light assemblies, and replace them with the newly purchased light assemblies. Use the new nuts and bolts that come with the package. Reattach all the wires to the light assemblies, and recheck your boat trailer lights to see whether you have perfectly attached the wires.

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