How to Buy a Cruise Ship

Buying a cruise ship for personal pleasure or for business purposes is something that requires large capital and quite a bit of research and planning. You will have to spend millions of dollars to purchase a cruise ship and even if you are willing to spend that much money, it may take months of research before you can be sure that the cruise ship you are planning to buy is the right one for you.

When buying a cruise ship, it is not only the exterior look which needs to be taken into consideration. Just like an automobile, a cruise ship has numerous inner working parts which need thorough examination to ensure that the cruise ship sails smoothly across seas and oceans. So be ready to do some tiring research work if you are in the market for a cruise ship.


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    Consider the budget you have at your disposal to purchase a cruise ship. You will be looking at a minimum of about ten million dollars to buy an average cruise ship. However, if you plan to buy a luxurious ship, you will have to spend over two hundred million dollars. Deciding how much you will be spending is the easy part.

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    Now you need to start looking for a cruise ship which is up for sale. Internet is your best shot. ShipTraders and YachtWorld are websites which specialise in selling all kinds of ships. eBay features auctions for cruise ships. Apart from ShipTraders, YachtWorld and eBay, browse other websites as well. Find a ship cruise ship which is up for sales and falls within your pre-decided budget range.

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    Choose at least three or four cruise ship for examination and contact their owners to set up an appointment for inspecting their cruise ships. Do not keep all the appointments for the same day. It will take longer than anticipated to completely inspect a cruise ship.

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    For each cruise ship you examine, take notes of how many rooms each has, what is the condition of paintwork on each cruise ship, does the ship have a casino and a swimming pool and other similar factors.

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    Now you need to examine the inner working parts for each cruise. This may not be possible for you and you may have to hire a professional for this task. As the professional to do a thorough examination of the inner working parts and take notes. From each cruise owner, get a price quotation.

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    Now you will have to decide which one of the examined cruises will be best for you depending on your budget range primarily. Take help from the notes that you took during the examination process. Come up with a final choice.

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    Again arrange a meeting with the owner of the cruise ship you finally chose and close the deal in the presence of a lawyer who will take care of the legal stuff.

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