How to Drink Cheap On a Cruise Ship

Many people prefer to travel on cruise ships to save money, especially if their budget does not allow them to buy air tickets. Travelling on a cruise ship is quite a fascinating experience as it stops on various exotic locations. While you are planning your journey, you may think that you are going to have a very cheap vacation, including buffets, fine dining, a luxury hotel and a staff to serve you. However, most people tend to forget that their fare does not cover every single expense.

While travelling on a cruise ship, you will have a greater desire to have luxurious drinks. Once you are done with the journey, you should not be surprised to see a big bar bill, which is going to have an adverse effect on your budget and you may struggle with your finances at the end of your vacation.

However, if you are smart, you can save a lot of money and still have drinks on a cruise ship, making your journey more memorable and pleasant.


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    Just have juices, coffee and water

    Most of the cruise lines do not charge for juices, coffee and water. Therefore, if your budget is tight, it is wise to stick to these drinks only. Alcoholic drinks and sodas are bound to be expensive on the ship, so try to avoid them.

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    Bring your own wine

    Alcoholic drinks are relatively cheaper on the surface and some of the cruise lines allow their passengers to bring along their own drinks. Some cruise lines allow their passengers to bring unlimited drinks with them; whereas, some allow a bottle of wine per person. Check the policy of your cruise line thoroughly and make full use of the flexibilities on offer.

    If you do not bring your own wine, then it is recommended that you buy alcoholic drinks in a bulk. Some of the cruise ships offer different packages, which allow you to save some money.

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    Check the prices and taxes thoroughly

    Before you buy any drink on a cruise ship, keep your eyes open and check the prices and taxes for every drink. You should not hesitate to ask about any hidden charges either.

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    Get the drinks delivered to your room

    Bars often charge more than normal. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the drinks delivered to your room instead of spending money at the bar. This may sound boring to some but keep in mind that you have a limited budget and running out of cash at the end of your holiday is surely not what you want.

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