How to Send Mail to the Crew on a Cruise Ship

When a cruise ship is at sea, it does not have a particular address. So it is quite difficult to send mail to a cruise ship crew member. It will definitely take longer than anticipated for the mail to reach the crew member because the only time a cruise ship can receive mail is when it is docked at a port. If it is critically important to send mail to a cruise ship crew member, you must know the right way to do it.


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    Before you can send mail to a crew member on a cruise ship, you need to know which cruise line is the crew member working for and the name of the cruise ship he is stationed on at the time of sending the mail. You must also know the crew member’s unique identification number.

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    You need to know the address of the next port at which the ship will be docking. You can get this information by contacting the cruise line office or by directly contacting the crew member by email or phone. Ask how much time it will take for the ship to reach the next port and for how long the ship will dock at that particular port and when is it scheduled to depart again.

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    Contact your local post office and ask them if it is possible to deliver a mail package to the port which was communicated to you be the cruise line office or the crew member in time so that the crew member can easily collect the mail. Depending on the location and the class of service selected, it can take anywhere between 1 and 8 days for a mail package to reach its destination.

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    Once you have settled all preliminary things, this is how you will have to address the mail package or envelope, whatever you are sending:

    Name of the Cruise Line
    Name of the Cruise Ship
    ATTN: Full name and identification number of the crew member to whom you are sending the mail
    Port address (Cruise ship’s next docking port)

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