How to Plan a Cruise Ship Wedding

Be ready to spend a large amount of money and a fair amount of time if you plan to get married on a cruise ship.

The cruise line will demand a certain amount of fee because they have to go out of the way to host a wedding on board a cruise ship. The wedding details will be taken care of by professionals abroad the ship and you will have to pay them for their services. And then of course you will have probably will have to pay for extra supplies such as gifts, additional food items on the menu, the decor of your cabin etc.

However, getting married on a cruise ship is a unique experience and you should definitely consider it if you have the necessary means at your disposal.


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    The first thing you need to do is to choose a cruise line. Do a fair amount of research and choose a cruise line which preferably specialises in cruise ship wedding. Read online reviews about various cruise lines and choose a cruise line which you think will be best.

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    Before you call the cruise line travel agent for reservations, decide departure and destination ports, departure date, and choose a stateroom. You will be asked for personal information such as your banking details, credit card number and may be the social insurance number. Make sure you have all this information handy.

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    Cruise lines offer different wedding packages. Visit the official website of the cruise line you choose and read the wedding packages offered. Depending on the number of guests you plan to invite, destination and departure ports, food menu and number of events in the ceremony, choose a wedding package that suits your needs.

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    Just like wedding packages, multiple reception packages are also offered by cruise lines. Depending on how you want your guests to be welcomed, how you want them to be accommodated, how many cabins will be required and what kind of food and beverages you will like the cruise line to serve, choose a reception package. While choosing wedding and reception packages, remember to keep an eye on your budget.

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    Now it is time for you to call the cruise line travel agent and let the agent know about your plans. Discuss details about the packages you chose and finalise the plan. To confirm your reservation, provide the travel agent with the required information such as your credit card number.

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    Finally, send out the invitations, highlighting the fact that it will be cruise ship wedding so that the invitees will have an extra sense of excitement about your wedding ceremony.

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