How to Find a Cruise Ship at Sea

Most people make cruise ship reservations ahead of time. Some even make the reservations months before the actual date of their departure. If you have made an advance reservation on a cruise ship as well, you may want to keep track of the time it will take for the cruise ship to dock on a nearby port.

Locating a cruise ship at sea is fairly easy these days. With the boom in information technology, almost every kind of information is available on the internet. Most cruise ship sailing the seas these days have an Automatic Identification System installed in them. The Automatic Identification System enables other ships, law enforcements agencies and the US Coast Guard to pin point the location of a particular ship at sea.

Being a common passenger looking forward to a cruise ship journey, all you need to locate a cruise ship at sea is a computer with internet access.


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    Navigate to the official Sailwx website. Click on the link ‘Cruise ships and ocean liners’. A world map will open after you click the link. This map shows a general location of all cruise ships currently at sea across the globe.

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    Look for the name of the cruise ship you wish to locate and click on it. You will be shown a more detailed map of the area in which the cruise ship is sailing at the time of your search. If you want to refine the search further, click on the name of the cruise ship again and then click the ‘Zoom In’ button. Continue to do this until you know a precise location of the cruise ship. There may be more than one cruise ships in the area. All of them will be displayed on the map with a red dot marking their position.

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    Alternatively, when you reach the official Sailwx webpage, click on ‘the link Ship tracker’. This will take you to a page where you can enter the cruise ship’s international call sign to locate it. If you do not know the call sign of the cruise ship you are trying to locate, you can find it out by entering the ship’s name in the search bar which says ‘Search for ship by name:’

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