How to Be a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian

There is a small difference between a simple vegetarian and lacto ovo vegetarian as the latter one does not eat animal flesh of any kind but consumes dairy products and eggs. Recent studies show that developing this kind of food habit is really helpful in maintaining good health.

However, there is also a school of thought who believes that it creates deficiency of protein and other nutritious elements in the body. Probably, it is just because the people do not know how to maintain the right balance and what to add in their food items.


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    What is lacto ovo vegetarianism:

    First of all you must know what a lacto ovo vegetarian diet is. In this diet, consumption of animal products is not allowed. However, you can use dairy products and eggs. Witch such eating habits; it can become really difficult for you to continue this practice as a lot of food items contain these ingredients.

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    Do extensive research:

    After getting into the right frame of mind, you need to do extensive research to make a list of food items that comprise animal-based ingredients. Use the internet as there are many websites that can provide you the list of these food items. You may also consult a nutritionist to learn about vegetarianism and ways to incorporate the change in your diet plans.

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    Make a list of alternatives:

    You should make a list of things that can provide your body the essential nutritious elements. Again you can browse the internet or ask some expert for this purpose. For your information, beans, nuts and whole grains are natural sources of vitamins.

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    Meat substitutes:

    The most common problem a vegetarian faces is deficiency of protein in the body. You must look for meat substitutes to maintain the balance. Normally, nutritionists recommend spaghettis, eggs, soy products and legumes to incorporate into your meals.

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    Discover new recipes:

    There is the possibility that you will get bored with your menu so keep discovering new recipes. Do not hesitate in doing experiments with your diet plan. You can buy books on vegetarian recipes from the market or visit famous food websites.

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    Ensure a decent intake of vitamins and other healthy elements:

    Eat as much fruit as you can to avoid any trouble. Remember deficiency of essential nutritious elements can lead you towards different problems. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are natural sources of important elements like Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Omega 3 Fatty acids etc.

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    Dietary supplements:

    You can also remain healthy, while being lacto ovo vegetarian, by starting dietary supplements.

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