How to Be a Loner and Have Friends

Almost every one of you has heard the phrase “Man is a social animal” and I am sure that hardly few think that it is a wrong notion. Yes, we do live in a society and all of us need to communicate with others. That is why some time you want to socialise even if you are a loner by nature.

Apparently, it is difficult for a person, who enjoys being alone, to have friends but one can do it by maintaining the right balance. All you need is to release yourself from this confinement and interact with people around you. Spend some time, hang out, have fun with your friends and then come back to your origin and enjoying being with yourself.


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    Appreciate yourself:

    First of all you must know that being a loner is not a bad thing rather it helps you to stay focused on your life, gives you clarity of thought and assists you to differentiate between right and wrong. So you should not curse yourself for being a loner and do not try to change your nature.

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    Ask your friends for a breathing space:

    If you like to spend some time with yourself, you do not need to be ashamed of this thing. Just tell your friends and related persons that you need some space to breathe. They will understand you and won’t mind at all.

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    Stay connected:

    If you want to have friends and enjoy loneliness at the same time, you should stay connected to your friends and family. The best way is to keep contact through phones, e-mails, text messages and social networking sites as you still want them in your life.

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    Arrange gatherings:

    Being a loner does not mean that you do not need to have any contact with the world. You should find opportunities to go out with friends or you may arrange small gathering once in a blue moon.

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    Spend maximum time in your bedroom:

    If you want to avoid any contact with the world, the best place to reside is your bedroom. Just setup your room in a way that it can keep you busy for hours. You may have television, stereo system, internet, laptop, books etc to spend maximum time in there.

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    Distract yourself:

    You should carry something to divert your attentions. You may have an iPod, iPhone, a book or magazine to keep yourself busy in some other thing.

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