How to Be a People Person at Work

Relationships matter not only at home, but also in workplace where a person spends 8 to 9 hours on average. Building strong relationships at workplace can count a lot in your career progression as it allows you to have the support and affection of the people around you. While it is necessary to act normal wherever you are, some changes in personality and conduct according to the office environment can be very helpful.


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    Be Original

    People who are most disliked at any workplace are those who cannot be trusted and have habit of backstabbing colleague on any given opportunity. If you want to be ‘the’ people’s person at workplace, this is the first thing you should avoid. Once you build an honest repute, people will automatically start to respect you and the distances will start to fade away.

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    Be friendly and helpful

    Never hesitate in helping your colleagues, even if you have to go out of the way to do that. People should know that you are their go to man in case of any difficulty or suggestion. Also try to be friendly with anyone who interacts with you.

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    Keep smiling

    All jobs can get pretty tough at some stage, but the important thing is not to get ruffled and keep a constant smile on your face. This will not only allow you to concentrate with a clear mind, but will also keep people around you happy.

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    Be adept in your work

    A person can be the funniest guy in a workplace, but all of it is of no use if he is not a good professional. Different people form bonds in different ways, and one way is certainly related to professionalism.

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    Remains in limits

    Although it is good to crack jokes, always know what you are talking about. Under no circumstances should your comments hurt the feelings and beliefs of others. That can pretty much spoil your reputation and people will start avoiding you.

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    Avoid Confrontation

    There are some moments when a person feels like there is no alternative left other than to fight the issue out, either verbally or physically. The best thing to do under these sort of circumstances is to drink a glass of cold water, and chill out.

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    Take initiative

    If you want to be a people’s person, you should know how to make them happy. Be the first to congratulate them on their birthdays, arrange parties and gather little joys during the time you are with them.

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