How to Be a Successful Modern Manager

You might have been a superstar manager of your company in the past, but if you do not mould yourself according to the ever evolving characteristics and needs of the modern corporate world, you are bound to doom. Managers are leaders and their actions and words have a huge bearing on the overall success or failure of the team/company. To succeed and be the best at what you do, you have to develop five intrinsic qualities.


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    Accept That You are Not the Focus

    Companies are run by the employees and you are just one of them. The traditional and a tad autocratic system of management promoted the concept that every employee needs to work for the promotion of his manager. The modern concept is that a manager should clear the roadblock in the path to an employee’s progress. Managers are now supposed to empower their employees and encourage them to excel.

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    Understand the Social Landscape

    This is the generation which uses multiple mediums to interact and communicate. The social preferences and attitudes have changed and as a manager you need to stay abreast with all the social and collaborative technologies.

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    Eliminate the Difference in Stature

    Traditionally, when a manager used to ask an employee to achieve a certain target, he or she would straightway ask about the details. Now when you assign such any task, the employees expect you to do the same or even better. You just cannot ask anybody to jump without jumping with him. In short, the barrier of stature between a manager and an employee has reduced and the latter expects you to understand the dynamics of what is happening at the grass root level. There are no exclusive tools and benefits for the managers, when it comes to operations.

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    Accept That You Can Be Wrong

    Accepting your inherent vulnerability is the key to eliminate it. Managers tend to screen their vulnerabilities from their employees fearing a reduction in rapport. However, nowadays the system is such that vulnerability of one person can affect the performance of the whole team, and pin pointing the weak link is to everyone’s benefit. After all, no one can be perfect.

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    Managers naturally have more access to information, which means a greater playing field to make decisions. However, a decision made by a single mind after taking the inputs of others, can never be as robust and comprehensive as compared to a situation when all people within a team have access to the same information and then a final conclusion is reached through elimination with justification. The key is to include the employees in the decision making process.

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