How to Be Confident During Any Situation

It may be very difficult to avoid awkwardness all the time, but you can make sure that you are well equipped to deal with every situation. We all want to be perfect and believe in ourselves. Many people pass through different phases in life when they might not feel confident because of peer pressure, upbringing, a shy personality etc. It is a fact that you can learn to be confident. We have the control on our brains which determines our level of confidence and need to learn how to use them to our advantage.


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    Observe yourself thoroughly in the mirror, look at each feature: hair, face, body, just about everything. Now take a deep breath, let your eyes close for a few minutes and tell your mind that you are content with yourself and that you are amazing by just being yourself. Take a second look, paying closer attention to features you were not satisfied with. Paying attention to each, think of people who are facing worse conditions than you and are still satisfied. You don’t need any major change, just difference in your wardrobe or some make up could make you feel fine.

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    Some of us have insecurities regarding our body it makes us conscious and comes in way of our confidence. There are some ways in which you can be less conscious: search for your ideal BMI, you could do the calculations online. Measure your weight and height and put it in the calculator. Different bodies have different chemistry: athletic people might be heavier, petite girls will be borderline normal or even underweight. For those who are heavy they need to realize that weight isn’t everything, it shouldn’t ever make you feel inferior, everybody likes people who are confident, and looks alone won’t take you anywhere.

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    You need to get to the bottom to find the reason for your under confidence. When you find it out, start to work on it. Some people have childhood issues, others have been abused, some were over shadowed by friends or it could be just your nature. When you look at the people around you, take a deep breath if you feel panicky, think of your capabilities, believe that people are nice and won’t make fun of you and take a look around to realize that you are less than none. Also be prepared for what you want to say if you know that a situation is likely to arise.

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