How to Be Happy With Who You Are

Almost everyone in this world has some complexity and this not only affects their psychology but also demolishes the self-confidence of that person. No matter if you are tall or short, fair or dark, a winner or loser, you can excel only if you are happy with who you are.

I am sure most of the people will think that it requires some sort of therapy but it is not true. You can do it yourself by following some simple directions and making little changes in your life. Believe me, these tips are simple and effective at the same time.


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    Start believing in yourself:

    You must revive your confidence and faith in yourself. Imagine the situations when you managed to rise from the dust despite having unfavourable circumstances. Spare some time for yourself, stand in front of the mirror and say something inspirational to yourself.

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    Learn to accept and embrace yourself:

    Remember, others will not give respect until you force them to do so. This is possible only if you know your worth. Accept and embrace yourself the way you are. Do not be so ungrateful and think what you have been blessed with. You should know that nobody is perfect in this world and you are far better than many people in a lot of ways.

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    Know your fears, shortcomings:

    Sometimes it is just the fear of failure that keeps you passive so try to live through such fears. Similarly, knowing your shortcomings can also be helpful to stay content. You cannot be happy while living in a state of denial. You can make amends and be successful only if you know your fears and shortcomings.

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    Be your best buddy:

    You must give importance to yourself. Spare some time and take care of your body. Go out for a movie, visit the beauty salon and spa once a week and this will make you feel special.

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    Learn from others:

    Though, seeing a counsellor can be really helpful to change your way of thinking but if you are not comfortable then there are also other methods to do that. Start observing people around you, read books about great personalities and you will realise that they were just regular people. It’s just self-confidence that took them to new heights of greatness.

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    Do not be obsessed:

    Last but the not the least, avoid thinking too much about yourself. Develop some sort of hobby to divert your attention.

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