10 Most Depressing Moments in Life

Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. Every single individual has to face a number of situations in life when his or her character is tested. Every person has different emotions, which come out in certain circumstances. We all work extremely hard all our lives to achieve happiness; however, everyone faces unexpected and unavoidable scenarios which can break your personality and then we realize that nature had something else installed for us. At a time or sorrow or pain, it is very easy for an individual to lose hope and go into depression. At the end of the day, however, you must realize that life must go on and one cannot afford to let his spirits go down.


  • 1

    Death of a Loved One

    All of us have many people in our lives whom we love madly. Death of someone in your family and friends circle can be the most depressing feelings of the world. Most people take some time to recover from the loss and get back to their routine life.

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    Any sort of failure can turn out to be extremely depressing for anyone. We all set certain expectations from life and not living up to them can be quite disappointing. Those failures can be academic, professional or personal.

  • 3

    Broken Dream

    If you have a dream in your life and you wish to achieve it at any cost, you can easily get broken from inside, which may result in extreme depression.

  • 4


    Husband and wife share a very strong bonding; however, we witness a huge percentage of divorces these days, which naturally has a depressing effect on the couple.

  • 5

    Losing a Child

    Losing a child as a result of divorce can be one of the most depressing feelings of one’s life because parenthood is an unimaginable feeling.

  • 6


    Life in the modern world has become extremely challenging and it is quite difficult for anyone to survive for even a month without an income; hence, unemployment can be a major reason for depression.

  • 7


    Failure in a relationship is also one of the most depressing moments of life.

  • 8

    Poverty and Hunger

    If you are sensitive, it would be hard for you to avoid depression when you see hunger and poverty around you.

  • 9


    Facing a betrayal in friendship or any other relation can be quite depressing for anyone.

  • 10

    Disappointing a Loved One

    Becoming a cause of depression for someone you love can be quite a painful experience.

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