How to Be Likeable In an Interview

Everyone has been or will be interviewed at some point in their lives. Mostly, people are called for interviews before job appointments, which typically depend on how the interview goes. While your qualifications, academic and professional records do matter, your final interview has a lot of bearing on your chances of appointment.


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    Dress to impress

    You attire defines you and the person interviewing you will be judging your traits, qualities and attitude. Candidates who are dressed well are often considered more professional and responsible. On the other hand, if you are sloppy and unkempt, it is likely that the interviewer will not take you very seriously.

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    Know the basics

    Before you go for your big interview, make sure you know what you are getting into. Research the organization and get to know the basics. The more you know about the place you want to work at, the more you can incorporate details into your answers. If you are asked why you want to work in a particular organization, you cannot answer that question unless you know something about it.

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    Be confident

    Get into your groove and be confident. Even if it is your first interview, there is nothing to be nervous about. Yes a big job may depend on it, but it won’t help your chances if you are stuttering, fidgeting and sweating when shot with questions.

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    Be polite

    Once you are in the building, be polite with people and if you are told to wait for your turn, be patient. No one likes impatient and over eager candidates. You need to show that you can handle pressure.

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    Put up a smile

    When you sit in front of the interviewer, put up a smile, but don’t overdo it. If you are supposed to shake hands, do it curtly. You want to show that you are happy to be there and not forced or uninterested. People want to hire candidates who will improve the workplace atmosphere.

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    You should listen to the interviewer intently rather than speaking unnecessarily. Answer questions when asked and do not try to squeeze everything in one statement. Be calm and composed so you can focus on what is being asked and come up with a relevant, sensible reply.

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    Don’t over react

    No matter what the interviewer says, do not over react. Whether he proposes a salary higher than your expectations or puts forth a condition not to your liking, your demeanour should remain calm and professional. It is natural to feel overjoyed or concerned, but save those emotions for later.

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