How to Deal With a Mean Teacher

Most of us have come across mean teachers in our school life. These teachers usually yell at you even on small mistakes and embarrass you in front of the whole class. Some students choose to match the teacher in every respect to vent off their frustration but this only worsens the situation even further. This situation can affect the confidence of a child and will certainly affect his/her studies. The parents have a great role to play in this case. They should intervene as soon as they feel the situation has gone out of hands. This and some other methods of handling a mean teacher have been discussed in this article.


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    Always complete your work on time

    You need to make sure you do not give the teacher any reason to vent his or her frustration on you. Try to complete your homework and the work that has been assigned to you in class on time so that the teacher is satisfied. You need to show the teacher that you are making some effort to improve yourself.

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    Always pay attention

    You should always be attentive in the class and must listen to every word that the teacher is saying. The teacher will certainly not be happy if he or she sees to you talking to students in the class during the lecture. That is one of the most frustrating things for a teacher.

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    Ask questions

    You should try to ask questions if you do not understand anything. If you are listening to what the teacher is saying and there are some misconceptions in your mind, do not mind asking about it. However, it is extremely important that the questions are relevant and sensible. 

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    Be kind and try to go the extra mile

    Your behavior and etiquettes matter a great deal in school. Greeting the teacher when he or she comes in the class or helping the teacher with the books will surely develop a good impression. This behavior may force the teacher to change his or her attitude.

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