How to Become a Certified Master Gardener

Becoming a certified a master gardener is not as hard as some of you may think. You will be required to follow some simple tips and instructions to get this job done effectively. It is recommended to play your part to enhance the gardens in your community to be able to become a master gardener.

As a master gardener you will be required to learn the tricks of the trade including the cadre of edible and ornamental plants. You should be able to apply your knowledge in a practical manner to earn reputation and fame in this extremely rewarding industry.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure if gardening is the right choice for you. Master gardeners sometimes have to work long hours and therefore if you do not have the skills and determination to succeed in this field of work, you should reconsider.

    Once you have decided if the master gardener course is the right choice for, you must volunteer to work at the extension office.

    Although it is possible to get the useful training for becoming master gardener from horticultural agencies, it is advised to conduct volunteer work to make a name for yourself.

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    Next, speak to one of the customer services members at your local county extension office. Tell the representative that you are interested in becoming a certified master gardener. Find out when the next training programs begins and start preparing the required paper work.

    Take your time when preparing the documents as incomplete applications are mostly rejected. You will receive the acceptance letter from the program coordinator in two to three weeks time.

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    Start attending the master gardener course on a regular basis. Talk to the program coordinator if you have special requirements regarding the course timings. The exact locations and times vary by county but you will be required to complete at least 50 hours of course work to become eligible for appear in the final exam.

    Improve your knowledge about gardening, trees, vegetables and different plants to have a good chance of clearing the exams.

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    Complete the volunteering requirement of the course and do not forget to work on the research queries. Once you have successfully completed the course consider working on outdoor gardening projects. You can find such jobs in local news papers or visit reputed gardening websites to install new gardens in your local community.

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