How to Become a College Planning Consultant

The demand for college planning consultants is increasing day by day with the growing number of educational institutions around the world. A college planning consultant provides his/her services to students and parents (who are seeking good colleges or universities for their children) to prepare the documents required for taking admission at an institute of their first preference and gives necessary advice for their future in academics.

It is not very difficult to become a college planning consultant. However, you have to complete your education in order to get the required know how of the system.


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    First, you must have a degree from a good institution. Moreover, try to study courses which are related to the field of education and counselling. In addition, your English must be good. Besides, you must try to study business management and administration as it will provide you great assistance in your profession.

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    Try to work as a student advisor or admission counsellor in your college or university. This way, you will be able to get a sound understanding about the problems, needs and wants of the students which will eventually help you in your profession. You can also work as a financial aid officer. It will provide you with some good experience about the planning and admission criteria of an educational institution.

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    If you want to become a good college planning consultant, you must earn some more degrees like Certified Education Planner (CEP) or Masters of Education (Ed. M). Besides, if you want to increase the financial reliability of your consultation firm, you can also become certified public accountant (CPA).

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    After completing your education, start visiting different educational institutions. Begin with the colleges and universities of your state and then go to the institutions in other areas to collect the information about their programmes and admission criteria. Try to develop good relationship with the institutions so as to get the latest information about their programmes and to get the knowledge regarding any changes in their admission.

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    You must join the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) to make liaison with other college planning consultants. In this way, you will get the information about the changing trends in the field of education.

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    After setting up your firm, organise different seminars in nearby colleges and universities to promote it amongst different groups of students.

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