How to Become a Fashion Icon

It’s all about fashion! Do you really want to become a fashion icon like Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga and Kate Moss etc? Then you must know the fact that becoming a fashion icon is not an easy task at all as it requires a perfect sense of what styles suit your personality along with a knowledge of what others find trendy. Carrying the latest trend with grace and confidence is another main requirement. The mentioned main requirements are no doubt a bit difficult to manage but not impossible at all. So, are you ready to take the challenge to become a fashion icon and to rock the world around you?


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    Be yourself

    Becoming a fashion icon does not mean copying styles of others. So the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is “know yourself, your personality, and what suits you.” Fashion’s world is booming day by day, you can find hundreds of new styles and fashion trends available in the market. Try to get an idea from the available options, use your aesthetic sense and come up with your own style that suits you from all angles.

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    Do not believe in fashion myths

    There is a famous myth in the fashion’s world that “fashion icons use the products of the expensive brands.” And only those who can afford these brands can become a fashion icon. However, there is no need to take it seriously as it is just a myth nothing else. You can become a fashion icon with the available accessories in your wardrobe. The only thing you have to do is, use you aesthetic sense, experiment with the colors, and blend the old and new clothing to come up with a unique items.

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    Keep an eye on your Closet

    To become a modern-day fashion icon, it is must to keep a close eye on your wardrobe to keep it organized. Get rid of those clothing that are old and need to be given away. You can make Aprons from Old Dresses or can make old clothes new. After getting rid of the extra clothing, try to build a good wardrobe.

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    Put on the best outfit

    Dress up as beautiful and trendy as you can. If you are female and have a reasonable budget available in hand, then you get idea from the Best Clothing Brands for Women and select the finest one that suits you. Men can also select the brand and attire keeping their affordability in mind. You can mix and match various items to look really different and attractive. Make sure to keep the matching’s aspect in mind as well.

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    Apply sober makeup

    Fashion icon is someone with unique makeup. So you cannot think about putting on the simple eyeshades or other makeup products. Follow the given below ideas for perfect makeup:

    Apply concealer: Apply a fine quality concelaer to hide the dark spots around your face and the dark eye circles.

    Apply foundation: Top the concealer with a foundation cream. Select it according to your skin tone.

    Eye Makeup: Try something exclusive like Gold and Black Cat Eye Makeup, Purple Smokey Eye Makeup, Green Eye Makeup, and Pink Smokey Eye Makeup etc.

    Put Blush on: The application of Blush-on depends on the face structure. Check out how to put Blush-on correctly.

    Lipstick time: Wear a lipstick that enhances your overall look. You can wear Red Lipstick or Glitter Lipstick to look elegant.

    Get beautiful hands: You want to become a fashion icon, so you have to look perfect from top to bottom. Therefore, you cannot ignore your hands. Do a French manicure to get soft and fine-looking hands. Rather than trying the old traditional nail paints, why do not you try some new and unique? For example, do map nail art, do acrylic nails, make newspaper nails, make galaxy nails, and make zebra nails etc.

    How can we forget men’s makeup: Men can also avail the pedicure, manicure and makeup services to look cool and handsome. Moreover, the especially designed men facial products are easily available in the market.

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    Wear attractive hairstyle

    Your hairstyle matters a lot in becoming fashion icon. Follow the given below ideas and find the hairstyle that suits you:

    Get the right hair cut: Go through the various hairstyles online and find the exact one that suits you. There is no need to make experiment with your hairs, so you can better tell the hairstylist what you want.

    Hairstyles for women: Make a Half up Half Down Hairstyle, Hello Sailor Hairstyle, Side Swept Bun Hairstyle etc.

    Hairstyles for men: Men can try some simple hairstyles, Faux Hawk Hairstyle, Layered Hairstyles, and the Short Emo Hairstyles etc.

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    Wear few but selective fashion accessories. Women can think of an elegant jewelry set, carry a clutch bag or handbag, light bracelet,  glitter sunglasses or flower embellished sunglasses, and jeweled heels etc. on the other hand, man can consider carrying a moderate scarf, pendent, bracelet, calf links, belt, hat, wallet etc.

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    Make people envy you

    After getting a flawless look, then only thing you have to do is “make people wish that they had your personality life and closet.” Carry yourself with elegance and style. Be proud of yourself and have a confidence and attention grabbing smile on your face. Even if you are upset because of any issue, there is no need to expose it to the external world. So, try to pretend that you are all set and simply the best.

    Note: Making people envy you does not mean to be rude, proud or arrogant. Otherwise, people will not want to be near you and your dream to become fashion icon will remain unfulfilled.

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