Air Beds Under $50: Cheap Air Mattresses with Pump Included

Are you looking for an easy-to-store bed to offer your guests? Or perhaps you’ve just landed in a new city and are still shopping for a “real” bed? Maybe you just go camping a lot and want some cushion. Whatever the reason, cheap air mattresses and air beds are available, pump included, for under $50.

You’ll see ads for expensive air mattresses that are designed to replace conventional beds, and many of these cost hundreds of dollars. But for a short-term bed or a guest mattress, do you really need something that expensive? Here is a selection of some air mattresses and air beds under $50, pump included, from some recognizable brand names. Instead of suggesting which retailers or online stores or to buy them at, I am providing a description of the model so you can find the best deal on your own, as prices and availability are subject to change. Be sure to check manufacturers websites as well as discount stores and for sales.

Air Beds Under $50: Simmons Beautyrest Express Airbed with Pump
To be honest, I was surprised that Simmons – one of “the” names in beds – offered any kind of air mattress under $50. Although it compares favorably to its competition, only the twin model is cheap enough to make the under $50 list. What are the advantages of the Simmons model? The pump plugs into an outlet, making it great for home use and eliminating the annoyance of batteries. At 6″, it’s higher than other air mattresses. To top it off, the Beautyrest Express Airbed even features push-button controls for adjustable firmness (great for finicky floor-crashers). And if you have any doubt about its sturdiness, it’s allegedly capable of handling 650 pounds.

Air Beds Under $50: Coleman Double ComfortSmart Quickbed with Pump
Coleman is a respected name in camping and outdoor merchandise, so when they design an air mattress, they create something strong enough to handle outdoor use. This quickbed is considered 15%
more puncture resistant than similar beds (though I am curious how that is measured). It also features a coil system that adjusts to your body’s sleep imprint. While Coleman makes other types and sizes of air mattresses, this particular double-size model is a top seller and provides bang for the buck.

Air Beds Under $50: Eddie Bauer Insta-bed
I laughed when I first encountered this air mattress, as I pictured brand-loyal types tossing it into the back of their Eddie Bauer SUVs for a weekend in the wilds of suburbia. All kidding aside, though, this air bed features a built-in pillow, a suede-esque top to prevent sliding, and a fairly sturdy PVC bottom. The pump is battery-operated.

Air Beds Under $50: Swiss Gear Comfort Flocked Airbed with Pump
This is another model with a battery-operated pump. Featuring a flocked top to prevent slippage of sheets and sleeping bags, the Swiss Gear air bed is available in both twin and full sizes. It’s actually produced by Wenger, which is the same company that made Swiss Army knives a household accessory. Air mattresses and sharp objectsâÂ?¦.interesting combo.

Air Beds Under $50: Mainstays Airbed and Built-In Pump
Coming in both twin and full sizes for under $50, the Mainstays air bed uses a “fast-fill” technology that supposedly inflates the bed in just a couple minutes. Not only is the wait time reduced – but the pump itself is even built into the mattress, eliminating a separate component. For a cheap air mattress, those are some attractive features.

If you have purchased any of these air beds or have suggestions on cheap air mattresses, please add a comment to this article.

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