How to Become a Librarian

A librarian is someone who works in a library. He or she is trained in library science and is associated in collection of books. Nowadays, librarians deal with information in several formats including e-books, newspapers, photographs, web searching etc.

Librarians are involved in co-ordination of public programmes, seminars in schools or colleges and basic literacy education.


  • 1

    Work as a part-time librarian in high school

    In your school days, you should work part-time in library to gain experience. You can work as a library clerk.

  • 2

    Learn another language

    You should learn another language in college as several graduate programmes require another language’s information. You should also choose a foreign language in your high school which will help you in college.

  • 3

    Bachelor’s degree

    You need to get a bachelor degree in any field of your interest.

    Remember that maintaining a high G.P.A will give you an edge.

  • 4

    Get information

    You should visit the website by the American Library Association and learn about this field. You should seek what type you of librarian you want be and so do specialisation accordingly.

  • 5

    Get Graduate

    In the American Library Association website, there is a list of about 50 schools with a school of library and information science. You should choose the institute which best suits you. You need to graduate with Master of Library Science degree.

    Remember that some institutes also offer online courses.

  • 6

    Consult college counsellor

    You need to take advice from your college counsellor in order to know about the requirements and scope of this field. You may be required to become a teacher for getting your masters degree.

  • 7

    Public or Private sector

    Before starting your graduation programme, you need to decide which sector you want to work in. This will help you in choosing the right courses.

  • 8

    Apply in time

    You need to apply to the schools in the right time. Also make sure to send your complete information and documents.

    Also attach your experience letter and references from the library where you worked for part-time.

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