How to Select the Perfect Library Book

Visits to the library often end with the checking out of a book or two – however, given the vast collection of reading material at a library, the process of selection can prove difficult at times. More often than not, you will probably stand and stare at the shelves upon shelves stuffed with books before deciding to leave empty-handed and frustrated, or simply grab the nearest book and just rush out. However, with a little bit of thought and discipline, you can make sure you select the perfect book at the library.


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    Firstly, do not panic. Usually, checking a book out is reserved for the end of a library visit, and if this happens to be near closing time, you might feel too rushed or stressed to choose wisely. Make sure you visit the library well before closing time, and allow yourself ample time to browse through the shelves and look at all the options.

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    Try something new. You might be into a particular genre or topic, but why don’t you shake things up and try something you’ve never read before? If you are into autobiographies and non-fiction, mix it up by checking out a fantasy fiction book instead, like J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. The change of pace could help you broaden your vision. Ask the librarian for recommendations in this regard.

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    Prepare a list of books before you go to the library. Ask for recommendations from friends and teachers, browse the internet and have a look at bestseller lists, book reviews, and lists of award winners. Keep a list of books, noting down any titles that seem interesting, or that you would like to try – you can also decide to read the books of movies you liked. Take this along to the library, consult it, and check out whichever book you are currently in the mood for.

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    If you like a particular author, try another book by him/her. Since you liked one, it would stand to reason that you will like other titles by the same author. For example, if you enjoyed F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, and were intrigued by the depiction of the Jazz Age, you will most probably like other titles by him, such as “Tender is the Night”, or “This Side of Paradise”.

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    If you find a book that looks interesting, do not check it out immediately. Read the back to see if you like the summary, and try reading the first three pages, to see if you develop a feel for it. If you like multiple titles, check them all out.

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