How to Become a Mentor to Young Aspiring Writers

Recent advancements in information technology have allowed more and more people to express their points of view through different means, with a number of youngsters taking up writing as their profession. Most of the new comers in this field are talented and informed people; however, writing demands a lot of experience and maturity, which can only come with the passage of time. The aspiring writers need someone to hone their skills and show them the right direction.

A seasoned writer can do wonders in polishing a young writer, who is brimming with talent. However, adopting the right techniques to coach young writers is absolutely crucial.


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    Excel in your field

    In order to become a mentor for emerging writers, you must have a successful career as a writer yourself. If you have not been a competent writer in the past, you would never be able to guide the youngsters towards a proper channel. Aspiring writers will give more importance to your advice if you already have a great reputation in the field.

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    Contact local schools and colleges

    You should contact schools, colleges and universities in your area and see if there are jobs available for mentors for new writers. You may even volunteer to provide your services.

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    Join book clubs and libraries

    Youngsters, who are interested in writing, often visit book clubs or libraries. If you are looking for some new talent then these are probably the best places for you to visit regularly.

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    Remain available for your writers

    If you want to become a successful and respected mentor, you must keep your doors open for writers all the time. They may need your help at any time of the day; therefore, you must not discourage them at any cost. Even if you are busy, you should make some sacrifices in your personal or professional life to help out the youngsters.

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    Make a network of aspiring writers

    Making a network of aspiring network is very easy these days, if you are adept at using the social networking websites like facebook and twitter. Make a page specifically for the emerging writers. You can share your experiences and help out the youngsters online.

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