How to Become a Military Lawyer

In order to become a military lawyer, you will have to go through a very long education and extensive training programme. Therefore, you should be ready to work hard with great dedication and persistence so as to become a military lawyer.

Military lawyers perform a wide variety of services which mainly include the advertisement of the commanders, to act as a counsel to an officer who has been charged with a crime and so on.


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    First, you will have to complete your undergraduate degree. You can take any courses during your bachelor’s degree (related to art, science or business). But, it is good to study those subjects which can help you in your further law studies. Furthermore, try to get good grades in your courses so as to make your profile stronger.

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    After completing your four-year bachelor’s degree, you will have to take LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which is mandatory to get an admission in a law school. LSAT is based on reading comprehension and reasoning skills which are very important to become a lawyer. You must keep in mind that it is very hard to get admission in famous law schools. Therefore, you should score good points in the test to make your position stronger.

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    Apply in the law schools of your choice. You will be evaluated in terms of your college grades, LSAT score and the extracurricular activities in which you participated during your education period. You should apply in more than one law school so as to keep a good backup.

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    The law schools generally offer three-year programmes. However, the duration of some programmes may differ (for instance, the night and part-time programmes are longer as compared to the others). In addition, you should know that during the first two years of your law programme, you will study the common courses along with all the other students. However, in the third year, you will have to choose the courses of your specialisation.

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    After getting your Juris Doctor degree (at the completion of your three-year programme at law school), you have to apply to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. The JAG is a part of military which oversees the legal matters.

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    Once you get accepted into the JAG Corps after swearing as a military lawyer, you will have to serve for four-year tour in order to pursue your career as a military lawyer.

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