Tips on How to Succeed when Interviewing for a Job

Job interviews can be really nerve racking and can make even the most confident of people feel a little shaky. The uncertainty and the unpredictability of the outcome is what most people worry about, and often we fail because we are too busy focusing on what could happen, rather than what is actually happening.

While every interview is different and you cannot always prepare for what is about to happen, you can make sure you are well prepared beforehand. Ten ways to make an impression are:

�Arrive Early

Employers see it as a good sign when you turn up early. It shows that you are dependable, interested in the position, and that you are dedicated. However, turning up too early can be a sign of desperation and it could also annoy the interviewer if they specifically said a time, and you did not stick to it. It is usually best to arrive around 10 minutes early.

�Do Your Research

It is unrealistic to expect to walk into an interview and have everything run smoothly, if you do not know anything about the position you are applying for. Not only should you know what the position involves, but you should also research more about the company and the way that they run their business. How many employees do they have? How many different types of businesses do they have? Are they a respectable company? What are their policies? There is so much to learn and the interviewer could easily turn around and ask you about their policies or why you wish to be employed by that company, so it is always worth knowing as much as possible.

However, there are times when you shouldn’t over elaborate on details about the company. If you start to reel off a list of studied facts, they may think that you are being cocky or simply trying too hard. Most interviewers are pleased when the potential employee has done a little research on the company as it shows that they are interested in what the business does and how it operates.

�Act Confident

This is one of the hardest tips to follow but it is one of the most important rules to follow. Interviewees like it when a potential employee comes into the room with a smile and a firm handshake. This can be extremely difficult if your legs feel like jelly and your hands are sweating profusely. However, if you go in thinking you are worth the job and you can do the job, you will automatically come across as more confident. Take some time before the interview to calm yourself down and build yourself up.

�Be Positive

When an interviewer poses a question, always try and put a positive spin on your answer. It is important to avoid sounding negative or pessimistic. For example, when asked about your previous job, if you left on bad terms and you don’t care for your previous employer, it is better to not mention that to the interviewer. Interviewers are sometimes curious to see if you would bad mouth them if you did work for them and your job ended. Instead an appropriate answer to such a question would be ‘I learned a lot from my previous employer and I am grateful for the opportunities that they gave me.’ This enables you to come across as more professional. So always be positive!

�Listen to the Interviewer

It may sound like a simple point, but many people forget to listen to everything the interviewer is saying because they are too nervous. If you do not listen to the interviewer, you are likely to cut in over their questions, get the answers completely wrong and generally give off a negative impression.

�Have Some Questions Ready to Ask

Many people struggle with this because many times they just cannot think of anything to ask the interviewer. You may feel as thought there is nothing you can add as the interviewer has covered everything that you were going to ask. In that case you should state that you did have some questions prepared but they have already answered them for you. Otherwise you could ask about the hours, the pay, whether the job involves much traveling. It will depend on the specific job but you should attempt to pose some sort of inquiry.

�Talk about Changes that Could be Made

Are there any changes you could make to the company that would benefit them? Have you noticed anything that could be improved upon? If you are posed these questions, it would be impressive to try and give some suggestions of how your employment there could change the company for the better. The most important thing is not too come across as overly confident and show some humility.

�Try and Avoid Bad Body Language

However simple it may seem, body language is the most important part of your interview. Interviewees often make judgments based on your body language. Always sit up straight, smile and don’t fidget. Avoid biting your lip, coughing and constantly touching your face. This shows nervousness and it usually doesn’t go down well.

�Look Smart

No matter what your interview is for, you should always dress smartly and be presentable. If you show up looking scruffy the interviewer will think you do not care about the position and that you haven’t even made an effort to try and impress them.
�Send a Thank You Note

Something many people do not do is to send a thank you note to their potential employer. This note is basically to say thank you for taking the time to see you and also a subtle way of reminding them about your application. It shows that you are polite and also interested in the position.

If you follow the above tips it does not guarantee you the job but you will have the best chance you could possibly have!

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