5 Tips to Become a Professional SEO Editor

I graduated from University of Texas-Austin since 2009, when I was a 20-year-old young girl and then joined Wondershare since then as an online SEO editor because of my e-commerce major and marketing knowledge calculated in college life. Now I’m a the chief Editor for all the English sites for this IT (Software) company and willing to share the following tips with those who may dive in this business line.

Tip 1, Setting Up Objects For Your Career

Students who just left University will pay more attention on salaries to make a living but less for career. But after almost 2-3 years, people will focus on this question: what do I really want in the following year. I got the same questions after wrote over 500 articles. It’s not easy to sort out occupational planning for SEO Editor, but it’s vital to divide the normal and the professional. In front of us, there are 3 options (let’s take 3 years as the planning example):

  • A. SEO Editor – bearing the following 3-year boring by only writing software/IT related articles like “Top 5 Video Editors 2013” or “How to Edit Your Thanksgiving Video”, no think, no complain (Do be surprise, you may be of the group, so-called “Workplace Eraser “, those who never learn new things in working and only use up all the knowledge and skills learned many years ago or even when as a student. There are almost 70% Workplace Eraser in a company because that’s the most effortless way to make a living, but still 30% of them will become excellent and claim in leadership.)
  • B. From SEO Editor to Seer – one of the special features for Software Company is there is no actually sellers. The main army to promote sales is SEOer, who bring millions of high-quality backlinks to drive increasing visits with higher revenue from Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Yandex. The biggest difference between Editor and SEO Editor results in “SEO” theory in our mind. In my opinion, SEO is a theory to centralize customer to drive visits. But visit is not the finally object, sales does, which is the key reason why 9 of 10 team leaders was sellers (SEOers) from the start.
  • C. From SEO Editor to Marketer – Marketing is a mystery, charming and splendid topic, which almost contains all information and knowledge about online and offline business. For SEO editor, there is far way to become a marketer. Take basic theories for instance, you may need to learn all the basic economics, analyze customer purchasing behaviors, understand 4P and SWOT, check the content/keyword structure for website, look into webpage design and Google AdwordsâÂ?¦But marketer can manipulate more source with more power, which can drive you to pursue better.

Tip 2, Do Better Not Just Do

It’s easier for saying than doing. The main job of SEO Editor is to write SEO articles, but this is the basic requirements. If you want to do better, you need to do more. As I mentioned, customer centralization has become a life or death thing for Internet Company. If the main purpose is to SEO when you’re writing article, you will keep a close eye on keyword density, content structure, grammar, backlink classes and more. But if you have a deep understanding about the needs and wants of customers, you may focus more on problem solving or tips offering. Don’t just recommend them to use Video Converter to convert YouTube Videos before telling them how to download the YouTube Video with YouTube Downloader.

Tip 3, Broaden Your Horizon by Continuous Learning

One of the old-saying from Confucius, It is never too late to learn. This is also the school motto of Harvard, thought is already is late, exactly is the earliest time. Learning starts with reading. You can start with writing skills, then SEO basic theories, principle of marketing and Google GCP help. Highly recommend the following books and sites for you:

Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Pac by Grant Trew

The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice) by Eric Enge

M: Marketing by GREWAL | LEVY

GCP Help: https://support.google.com/adwords/certification/?hl=en#topic=2799680

SEO News: http://searchenginewatch.com/ or http://searchengineland.com/

Don’t tell me you don’t have spare time, as long as you want, you will save the 2 hours before going to bed to watch The Big Bang Theory to dive in The Principles of Marketing like me every day.

Tips 4, Analyze and Summarize

If you don’t know how to analyze and summarize what you learned, you will never master it. The best way to learn is to use it in practice. Trying to compose your SEO theories in writing or assisting to SEOer to some big project like unlimited giveaway in homepage could be one of your hundreds of options. A better idea is to write and share something useful and readable via your opinion.

Tip 5, Building Online and Offline Relationship

Last but not the least, you need to learn how to build and maintain your relationship with colleagues as well as online friends. It’s easier to understand to maintain good relationship in office, but most of us will neglect the business relationship in social media. Actually, a professional online SEO Editor will totally understand the exponential increasing power of social media. If you’re one of the big shot, your opinion can be the main stream in your circle. Build and maintain carefully your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, personal blogs as well. Trying your best way to let friends recognize you among this omnipresent internet world via connecting all your online profiles can be one of the options.

All in all, be open-mind and ready to learn anything you’re interested, never beat by laziness or any other excuses. Take the old-saying as ending, spend one hours to learning per day, you will become an educated in your business line after 1080 hours learning and an expert after 1800 hours. ( Referral: “How To Become A SEO Expert Within 2 Years” )

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